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Sena Şener – There’s No Painless Way Şarkı Sözleri

There was nobody to take me
Down from the sullen skies of mine.
I was like a shotgun
That shot anyone as though it wiped;
I shot my tears off and shot my love.
But I was the one to die,
I didn’t know;
For my sorrow was too heavy to lift.
I hadn’t noticed
How low the ceiling was
Until I lifted my head up.
I hadn’t noticed
How restricted I was
Until I pushed the limits.
There’s no painless way to die
Nor is there any way to survive.
I wore my anger upon my sleeve,
But it was so hot that it burnt my skin.
I was just a sad child
That chould fight against the world.
Yes, I fought against the world.
But I was the one to lose,
I didn’t know;
For my desire was too blinded to rest.

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